Our Expertise

Werth associates share talent and expertise that stands out in the regional PR landscape. We are relentless seekers of measurable results. We are professional writers, artists and designers. Creative thinkers. So we can come to you with innovative ideas you didn't know you needed. With questions you're not ready to answer and solutions you may not have considered.

Some details about what we can do for you:

Research. We use research to understand stakeholder perceptions and identify audience tendencies. Together, we'll use it to find focus for your public relations, marketing and branding initiatives.

Public relations. At Werth, we're uniquely qualified to build your reputation with more than 50 years of long-standing, mutually respectful relationships. We connect with a wide range of influencers and public opinion shapers to keep you in the right conversations for the measurable results you need.

Public affairs. Our relationships with government leaders and policymakers, civic leaders, industry associations and advocacy groups on both sides of the aisle can help you connect with key influencers and community constituents. And while we're not lobbyists, we will leverage these connections to help us manage the issues most important to you.

Crisis management. We built Werth on our ability to guide clients like you-before, during and after a crisis. That means we’re experts in shaping your narrative proactively-in knowing your best next moves and when to stay still. We’re always ready when you are.

Marketing. We'll work side by side with you to ensure your brand is thoughtfully crafted and amplified through an appropriate mix of channels-from traditional print, radio and TV to digital, social media and experiential events.

How will we help you?