White Castle is a national brand whose famous sliders and a propensity for fun has resulted in a national army of loyal “Cravers,” even in markets where no restaurants exist. To satisfy the crave, White Castle operates restaurants in 13 markets and a retail division that supplies frozen food aisles in all 50 states. Making consumers hungry requires a strong media component, and White Castle has long relied on Werth to execute a creative, comprehensive, national earned media strategy that enhances brand awareness, actively engages the public, and maximizes media attention.
Werth continues to successfully engage local, state and national reporters through tailored outreach that leverages the interests of reporters with whom Werth has built relationships. Now, at more than 100 years old, White Castle’s brand stand stronger than ever, and at a time when family-owned businesses struggle to survive, its 4th-generation leadership is poised for success in the century to come.