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Werth Insights

Truth and Consequences

Is a growing tolerance for false narratives creeping into all parts of society. If that’s the case, we as business leaders must figure out how it may be affecting our organizations. 



Little Ideas Can Add Up to Big Wins

Many organizations focus only on big ideas and immediate wins. Such a narrow focus, however, can stifle the creativity that exists within every part of the workforce and the potential of small ideas to grow into game-changers over time.



Not Everything is Polarized at the Ohio Statehouse

We’ve seen glimpses of common ground at the Statehouse. Most encouraging were answers to a question asked in 2021: whether lawmakers have made a friend in the opposing party. One hundred percent of respondents of both parties said they had.



Celebrating Pulitzer-Winning Journalists

This year’s Pulitzers illustrate again how both local and national journalism are so vital to our understanding of what is often hidden away, either deliberately or because no one else has thought to ask.



An Open Letter to Future Intel-Ohio Employees

Intel is poised to set up shop just a stone’s throw away from here. Along with its $20 billion semiconductor project will come at least 3,000 new Intel employees, some from here, but many from elsewhere.



Our Surprising Common Ground

Despite extreme voices on the left and right, we may be closer together than we think. 



In Praise of the Underdog

The underdog story is as American as apple pie — and football. A team like the Bengals stirs in ourselves the notion that we can overcome our most challenging obstacles, despite the odds.



A Fearless Forecast for 2022

2022 figures to be a long year. So rather than making you wait the entire 12 months, we’ll tell you what’s going to happen now — in our Fearless Forecast for 2022. To learn how smart we were one year ago in predicting 2021, click here.



2021 Fearless Forecast in Review

Last December, we made some bold predictions for 2021. Here’s how we did. To see our predictions for 2022, click here.



Do You Believe in Science?

Science has transformed our world. It has led to better nutrition, made our water safer, improved sanitation and boosted the world’s food supply. But it’s critical that scientific leaders articulate clearly and honestly about what is known, what isn’t known, and how our actions can make our homes, communities and our world a safer place.