Our Expertise
Where some start with tactics, we begin every client relationship with insights gathering — with deep understanding of your big picture, the hidden details and a plan to measure results. At Werth, we do the hard work to learn what drives your constituents. Citizens and policymakers. Industry leaders. Employees, shareholders, consumers and partners. We’ll meet them one by one — in the places where they live, work and learn — until we know exactly what motivates them to act.
For six decades, Werth has worked alongside policy advocates and government affairs professionals to build bridges among business, government and the public. When they engage Werth, our clients get a nonpartisan firm with integrity; strong relationships with business leaders, advocacy groups, media and government leaders; and a track record of successfully managing complex issues in ways that improve lives, communities and the bottom line.
There’s no substitute for compelling narratives that demonstrate an organization’s leadership expertise and maximize its visibility and impact. Werth’s experienced, award-winning writers and artists understand how to present an argument, tell a story and engage distinct stakeholder groups in ways that reinforce a client’s credibility and brand.
Many firms promise writing support. But not every firm has the depth of experience and skill found at Werth. Our professional writers have proven themselves as journalists and business communicators, and are experts at amplifying the voice of any organization. From well-researched white papers, to digital copy, technical communications, op-eds, news stories, speeches and advertising copy, we turn ideas into a relatable, engaging and finely tuned representation of the brand.
When it comes to engaging with media, Werth knows the secret to success isn’t spin, but substance. We have built important media relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Yet, as former reporters and editors, we know how media is changing, what reporters want and need, and how to pitch a story to emphasize our clients’ strengths. And when it comes time for our clients to engage with media directly, we prepare them to confidently handle any interview scenario that could arise.
When it comes to managing a crisis, it’s all about having a plan in place before the worst happens and a team ready to act when it does. Werth’s staff of senior associates provides strategic counsel, crisis planning, crisis management, and reputation repair strategies that effectively address smoldering issues and full-blown crises that threaten both brand image and long-term profitability. We also provide tailored media training based on likely scenarios that could torpedo business goals.
Audience engagement has never been more difficult, with countless disconnected channels and touchpoints creating new points of exit. Werth’s experience in stakeholder engagement, digital and traditional marketing and strategic problem-solving considers performance along the decision-making process, from awareness and reputation to conversion. Leveraging best-in-class tools and strategies, Werth’s team guides partners through message research, audience targeting, paid media planning, campaign development and execution.
A brand is more than a logo. It’s the promise a company makes to its customers. That’s why our brand experts start by deeply understanding the essence of a business, the pact made with its stakeholders and its outward-facing story. At the end of our branding process, our clients get impactful core messaging and vibrant visuals to make the brand come alive.
A company’s online presence, whether intended or not, serves as the front doors to the organization, requiring expert design for both discoverability and usability. Werth’s seasoned digital and creative team develops and implements for every project a comprehensive web and digital strategy that supports business goals through impactful messaging and compelling visual design.
Our experience managing integrated issues campaigns and coalitions is why government relations professionals, grassroots organizations and business leaders trust Werth. Our vast network of partners and friends allows us to make the connections needed to mobilize allies, change minds and improve communities.
Business challenges don’t always fit into a neat box. They can originate from within or from outside the organization. They may not rise to the level of an issue or a crisis, but still may represent roadblocks to projecting the desired public image. C-suite executives have long sought Werth’s counsel on such matters, and our track record of success has shown their trust to be well placed.