Kerelle Sampson
Senior Account Executive


North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University
Bachelor of Arts, Broadcast News


  • Strategic Content Development
  • Conversational Writing
  • Media Relations
  • News Coverage Planning and Logistics
  • Social Media


Kerelle comes to Werth from a distinguished career as a master storyteller in broadcasting, private business and the nonprofit sector.

He brings the broad capabilities of an experienced broadcast news producer, from writing the script to setting the order of the newscast to choosing and molding graphic elements — a well-stocked toolbox of written and visual communication and design skills. Kerelle uses those tools to help Werth clients connect with their stakeholders just as he connected news anchors with their broadcast audiences.

Kerelle’s passion for researching compelling stories made his newscasts richer and helps add depth and relevance to the messages our clients want to convey. He enriches clients’ narratives in the areas of opioid addiction and mental health, health care, and state and local government.

For every client, he strives to find the touchpoints that allow brands and organizations to connect to their communities and realize their full potential.

Kerelle believes in learning from every client, building relationships that feed mutual success.