Werth Insights

In Praise of Small Businesses

Among the many lessons of our time is the role small businesses are playing in finding creative solutions to one of the most challenging economies in decades. 



Zooming Through the Pandemic

There are some things we have gained during this pandemic. But we also have been devastated by the loss of things we always took for granted.



The Courage to Lead: Our Moment is Now

While our country has faced tough times before, we have never been confronted with a health crisis that all at once put us in fear for our families, crippled our economy and forced us to live in a whole new way.



Can Stories Make Us Smarter?

In 1992, James Carville coined the phrase – [it’s] the economy, stupid. Today economists are sharing a surprising message of their own: Economics needs storytelling. The point of both statements is essentially the same: We need memorable ways to convey complex ideas.



Without Credibility and Ethics, PR Is Just Spin

Is our society becoming less ethical? It’s a good question to ask as we guide our companies and our employees into a new year. 



A Fearless Forecast for 2020

It's that time of year again when we dust off our crystal ball, peer into it deeply, and choose our best and boldest predictions for the coming year.



2019 Fearless Forecast in Review

Last December, we made some bold predictions for 2019 from LeBron James' Twitter to the flip phone making a comeback. Here’s how we did.



Praise the Persevering Press and Pass the Gravy

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’re grateful for one of our most important American traditions: a free press. Most of all, we’re grateful for those who refuse to give up on that ideal in the face of all odds.



Boards Can’t Afford to Overlook Reputational Risk

Board members have a fiduciary obligation to protect shareholder value and can be held liable for not doing so. That responsibility includes asking the hard questions and holding management accountable for protecting a company’s most important asset: its reputation.



Things to Know Before You Take on a Hot-Button Topic

Taking a stand on a controversial issue poses risks, and sometimes the risks are not worth taking. However, there also is something to be said for standing on principle. When that time comes, how a leader makes the argument is just as important as his or her position on the issue.