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2019 Fearless Forecast in Review

Last December, we made some bold predictions for 2019 from LeBron James' Twitter to the flip phone making a comeback. Here’s how we did.



Praise the Persevering Press and Pass the Gravy

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’re grateful for one of our most important American traditions: a free press. Most of all, we’re grateful for those who refuse to give up on that ideal in the face of all odds.



Boards Can’t Afford to Overlook Reputational Risk

Board members have a fiduciary obligation to protect shareholder value and can be held liable for not doing so. That responsibility includes asking the hard questions and holding management accountable for protecting a company’s most important asset: its reputation.



Things to Know Before You Take on a Hot-Button Topic

Taking a stand on a controversial issue poses risks, and sometimes the risks are not worth taking. However, there also is something to be said for standing on principle. When that time comes, how a leader makes the argument is just as important as his or her position on the issue.



When the Trial Court and the Court of Public Opinion Converge

Crises present companies with a tangle of challenges, from who to notify, to what to say, to how to resolve the issues that led to the crisis. However, when push comes to shove, all those challenges boil down to two – the threat of legal exposure and the threat of reputational damage.  



Stop Obsessing Over the “Future of Work”

If the soothsayers were completely honest, they’d say we can’t accurately predict how technology – or anything else – will change the way we work in the next 30 years. So, let’s stop obsessing so much over the future of work and think about what we should be telling young people that we already know to be true.



In a World Filled With Lies ... Telling the Truth Is More Important Than Ever

The truth still matters to our brands. It means we must be increasingly vigilant about how we portray ourselves and our companies.



Forget Candidate Town Halls – Now’s the Time to Consider Their Logos

At this point in the campaign, almost a year before the first primaries, it can be just as fun – though completely subjective – to ruminate on the candidates’ logos.



In a Crisis, Actions Sometimes Speak Louder than Facts

In a crisis, actions always speak louder than words. In some cases, actions even speak louder than facts.



Good Writing is Not a “Soft Skill”

I recently came across an interview with Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon, who was asked what crucial workplace skill is becoming harder to find.