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Shaping Policy

The year was 2010 and as Common Core education standards rolled out, many states began dropping handwriting from their curricula. As an education-solutions company known for its handwriting resources, Zaner-Bloser asked to partner with Werth. Understanding the goals at hand, Werth took its passion for helping children and developed a strategic communications plan to raise awareness of handwriting’s value as a foundational literacy skill. The push included showcasing the Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest, a robust PR campaign building upon a national handwriting educational summit in Washington D.C. and public affairs support as state’s began to reinstate cursive legislation and standards.


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Today, the future looks brighter for both literacy and Zaner-Bloser. Following the highly successful educational summit, a number of states reinserted cursive recommendations or requirements into their education standards. And as information mounts on the research-based benefits of handwriting and its impact on higher-level learning, other states continue to reassess their explicit teaching of handwriting skills in the 21st century.

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